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How to Clean a Mattress: Refresh Your Bed

Refreshed surroundings are always a good sign of a healthy lifestyle. Here are the tips to clean the mattress:

Refresh and reset

  • Vacuum your mattress

Giving new life to the mattress is not a big deal if you put little efforts! Start with stripping the mattress cover and attach the upholstery attachment to the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming your mattress. Clean sides by sides and top to bottom to completely remove dust, mites, and dirt from the mattress.

Use the crevice tool to dislodge the stubborn dirt. Try to concentrate more on the area where the dust and dirt accumulate more. Vacuum your mattress once on two or three months to achieve best results.

Mattress Vacuum Cleaner
Mattress Vacuum Cleaner
  • Remove the stains and deodorize

If you have pets and kids in your home urine stains are the most common stains that happen on your mattress. For cleaning the urine stains use the laundry detergents, this will work better on these types of stains. If you notice the fresh urine stains then you are lucky!

Because you can treat the stain immediately and you should blot as much as possible urine. If you have a wet or dry vacuum cleaner, try to soak the moisture. After soaking, sprinkle the baking soda to clean the area. Now, mix a tablespoon of detergent in a cup of warm water. Spray the mixture on the stains and blot it up using a clean towel.

For the other simple stains, prepare a solution of liquid detergent, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. These components will effectively work to remove the simple stains; this will directly affect the blemished part of the mattress. Now blot the solution using a clean cloth to view the clean and good looking mattress.

The combination of lemon juice and salt together with the above-mentioned solution will work even better and faster in eliminating the stains from the mattress. After blotting sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and leave it for one or two hours, vacuum the baking soda completely to get a fresh smelling mattress.

Mattress Stain Removal Service
Mattress Stain Removal Service
  • Introduce fresh air to your mattress

Try to dry your mattress outside or open all the windows of your room allow the mattress to dry in natural ventilation. This will eliminate the odors; you can see the fresh looking mattress after this process.

  • Lower your bedroom temperature and humidity

By lowering the room temperature and humidity you can stop the growth of mites. Still, if you are worried about the mites sprinkle the mixture of baking soda and essential oil, let it stay on the mattress for an hour.

Finally, vacuum your mattress to remove dust and mites, follow these simple steps to keep your mattress fresh and clean, to have a hygiene sleep.

Professional mattress cleaning
Professional mattress cleaning