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Mattress Cleaning Bondi Junction

My home mattress cleaner, as the name suggests is a leading mattress cleaning company which believes in making every home a better place. This doesn’t mean however that our services are only for homes. We can clean commercial hotel mattresses as well. We are a certified company with years of experience and expertise. Moreover, our special procedures and hardworking staff can help you get rid of even the toughest of stains. Be it any type of mattress, My home mattress cleaner has a solution for you.

Mattress is a fabric case which is filled with very soft, springy, firm material. It is used for sleeping and resting purpose and is an essential asset of every home. Little do we realize that these mattresses can get extremely dirty as well. This can, in turn, lead to a number of diseases and allergies. Hence, cleaning it is extremely important. Have a look at some of the other reasons why mattress cleaning is important-

Mattress Cleaning Bondi Junction
Mattress Cleaning Bondi Junction

Why you must clean your mattresses-

  • Everyone thinks a mattress pad and bed sheets are enough to prevent it from dust and dust mites. The truth, however, remains that they may just control dust, not dust mites. Hence, even with covers on, you should clean your mattress.
  • Mattress pad can’t control all the dust along with mites, sweat, body oils, dead skin and all the black spots which are released by dust mites.
  • The very purpose of a mattress cover is to cover the mattress with a fabric material. This does not resist the stains, however. It is only for covering the mattress, just like a mat or a bed sheet which helps extract the soil from the surface of the mattress. Hence, to remove the stains on the bed, you should contact professional cleaning services to clean stains on your mattress.

Although regular cleaning at home would help keep your mattresses dirt free, professional care is still necessary. Professionals have the right skills, tools, and chemicals to clean your mattresses in an effective manner. This brings us to our next question-


Expert Mattress Cleaning Bondi Junction
Expert Mattress Cleaning Bondi Junction

While there are a lot of mattress cleaning companies, we are a bit different, since we believe in quality. Here are some of the advantages of mattress cleaning even professionals swear by-

To improve the quality of life-

Each one of us knows that we spend more than 8 hours a day on the mattress, which is one-third of a human life. This is the main reason to maintain a good indoor air quality in your bedroom or living room and the entire house. The dust particles which are in your mattress can make your indoor air quality very poor. This leads you and your family to catch infections such as cold, asthma and some other health problems like sneezing etc. Hence, maintaining your mattress clean and hygienic is the key to a good indoor air quality.’

For a peaceful sleep-

Regular cleaning extracts the dust and dust mites from your mattress. Hence, it reduces the presence of diseases in your home. Professional cleaners always recommend everyone to clean their mattress twice in a year. If your family members suffer from allergies, the reason might be dirty mattresses. If your mattress is clean and hygienic, on the other hand, that will ensure your living room is safe and clean. Having a clean and hygiene mattress will help you with a good peace of mind while sleeping. Everyone needs to have quality sleep for sound health. Hence, keeping your mattress neat and clean is extremely important for peaceful sleep.

The specialty of our company-

Mattress Steam Cleaning Bondi Junction
Mattress Steam Cleaning Bondi Junction
  • 24’7 assistance-

    We are here to give you 24*7 hours of service. Moreover, you need not hesitate about bothering us over weekends as we are available all the time. Not just weekends but our cleaners are available on public holidays as well. We are here to guide you and provide satisfactory services in no time.

  • Expert staff-

    We have a team of expert cleaners who are always there to help you out. They can clean all types of mattresses with ease. Moreover, they are extremely hard-working and give their 100%. Providing quality services is their main aim and they always ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Affordable pricing policy-

    We charge a very nominal fee for our exceptional services. Our main aim is to impress you with our services. Hence, we give preference to quality. Moreover, we want you to pay for the services you feel about. Our affordable pricing policy won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Use of latest tools and safe cleaning solutions-

    Our cleaners use the latest equipment and machinery to clean your mattresses. These tools can help get rid of contaminants even from the hard to reach areas. Moreover, our environment-friendly cleaning solutions will ensure that your mattresses are cleaned in a most efficient manner.

The procedure we follow-

  • The first step involves inspection which our cleaners will thoroughly do to determine the extent of damage and type of mattress.
  • Next, using a powerful vacuum, our experts will remove all the dirt, dust mites and soil particles from your mattress.
  • They will then begin the cleaning procedure and apply a cleaning solution.
  • An anti-allergen will also be applied to get rid of germs and bacteria.
  • After a final inspection, our cleaners will sanitize your mattress.
  • They will also get rid of all the stains and odor.

Hence, what you get is completely fresh, clean and nice smelling mattresses, sleeping on which will be 100% safe.

How to book our mattress cleaning services

Getting in touch with us is no rocket science. You can simply give us a call on 0488 854 224 to avail our services. Our hotlines are open all days of the week, including weekends and public holidays. Moreover, our team will be more than happy to assist you at any time.
Alternatively, you can even request for a price quote over chat. Once you have chosen us for the mattress cleaning task, you can be assured of guaranteed results. Making your mattresses 100% clean becomes our responsibility then. Along with cleaning, we pay equal attention to sanitization and stain removal as well. Letting you sleep in peace is what we aim for. Hence, we make sure that we maintain high quality.
Give us a call now to avail our services and keep your mattresses healthy and clean.

Location: Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia