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Mattress Cleaning Hilbert

Our bed is the place where we spend literally 1/3rds of our lives, sleeping. So to say that the condition and quality of our mattresses impact our lives and health a great deal would be an understatement. Therefore, it’s imperative that we keep our mattresses spotless and clean all the time. But being so bulky, it becomes a big task to clean mattresses on your own.

That’s where our company, My home mattress cleaning Hilbert, comes to your help! At, My home mattress cleaning, we provide efficient and reliable cleaning services for your mattress(s). All you have to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. We’ll be at your service in no time, helping you clean your mattress. This in turn, improves your health and life in general.

Mattress Cleaning Hilbert
Mattress Cleaning Hilbert

Why is mattress cleaning important?

A mattress is something that isn’t really visible most of the times. Hence, we tend to ignore it and ultimately years pass before we realize how dirty our mattress actually is. If you think that putting on clean bedsheets is enough for your hygiene, think again. Yes, bedsheets are on the top so changing them means you have a clean bed. But in reality, the only place that gets cleaned in this process is your bedsheet – the top layer of your bed.

The area beneath – the actual mattress – remains just as dirty as before.

Over time, our mattresses gather a lot of dirt, grime, dust, grease from our body oils and moisture. Also, there are bed bugs and tens of thousands of dust mites in our mattresses. Dust mites are tiny microscopic organisms that are not visible to the bare eyes. However, they are harmful, to say the least and can cause a lot of health problems. For example, a single dust mite can excrete 200 times more than it’s body weight and all that excreta stays right there on/in your mattress. Just imagine the amount of dirt and filth you are lying on top of every night when you sleep. And how much harm it may be causing you.

Remove Dust Mites From a Mattress Hilbert
Remove Dust Mites From a Mattress
  • Health and safety

Because of all the bacteria, mites and dust particles that lay hidden inside your mattress, your health gets compromised to a great extent. One, the dust and germs get suspended in the air when you toss and turn in your bed or when you use a duster to clean it. These particles can enter your body and lead to numerous health problems like certain kinds of allergies, eczema, skin diseases, respiratory disorders, and various other issues.

Also, these dust particles can obstruct the air flow in your room and cause the air quality to become poor.

Two, you also shed millions of skin cells every night when your body repairs itself. These cells and the excess oil and moisture from your body (that is now on the mattress) can cling to your body and cause rashes or other issues.

Three, when you sleep, your body repairs itself. For example, your cells get renewed, the liver detoxes, the inflammation heals and so on. But when you are sleeping on literal dirt and germs, it not only hampers your repair process but also adds more health issues.

  • Comfort and peace of mind

Like mentioned above, if you want to wake up refreshed and energetic, you need to make sure that you get a good, restful and healthy sleep. And for that to happen, your bed including the sheets and mattress should be clean and germ free.

  • Quality of life

    When you are healthy and get a good night’s sleep, your body and mind will be refreshed and it will lead you to live a better and peaceful life.

Mattress Mould Removal Hilbert

We at My Home Mattress Cleaner try to accommodate all your mattress cleaning needs in Hilbert. We also offer mattress mould removal services in the most efficient and safest way that too at the most affordable prices. The team of our professional mattress cleaners in Hilbert is highly experienced and possess effective cleaning kits and tools. We understand how harmful mould infestation on your mattress is, thus provide you with the best anti-allergic treatments. With our effective mattress mould removal treatment, we assure our clients safe and allergens free environment. Moreover, our professional team can serve our customers across all the suburbs of Hilbert.

Mattress Mould Removal Hilbert
Mattress Mould Removal Hilbert

Mattress Sanitising Hilbert

Mattress sanitising is our one of the most prefered and specialised services we offer in Hilbert. When your mattress has been in the use for a long time, it becomes the hub for allergens like dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria and other disease-causing allergens. You may not understand or realise but having your mattress cleaned by the professionals for anti-allergic treatments is of utmost importance. By hiring our services for mattress sanitising, you restore your mattress to a safe place to sleep on. With the help of our eco-friendly chemicals and high-end tools, we bring you the best results.

Why should You choose Us?

With so many services available out there, it gets difficult to decide on what to choose. We don’t blame you because nowadays, our markets are full of so many products and services that it takes a toll on our minds when it comes to deciding what is right and what isn’t.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Hilbert
Mattress Steam Cleaning Hilbert

We want to make the decision easier for you by providing you with information about our services in brief in the following lines. You can also browse our entire website to learn more about our company. It will help you take the decision easily.

  • Our company promises 100% satisfactory results for all our mattress cleaning Hilbert services.
  • We ensure that by the end of the cleaning process, you will be happy and your mattress will be efficiently cleaned.
  • We don’t have any hidden charges and offer fix prices.
  • Because we care for you, we only use 100% safe, non-toxic products and cleaning solutions.
  • Our products are also eco-friendly.
  • You can get in touch with us at any time – we provide 24×7 customer support service. Numbers provided below.
  • Easy and free online/phone booking.
  • Our cleaners are highly experienced and well trained. They are friendly and reliable and will provide you with the best service.
  • One of the best things about our service is that once you get your mattress cleaned by us, you won’t have to worry about it for the next 6 months. We offer solutions that keep your mattress fresh, clean and allergen-free for full 6 months. This will also save a lot of your time and money.

What procedures do you use?

Mattress Stain Removal Services Hilbert
Mattress Stain Removal Services Hilbert


The first thing we do is inspection.

We will inspect your mattress and check it’s type, fabric etc. Accordingly, we will decide on a cleaning method and proceed with it (we will give you all the information you need).

Dusting & vacuuming

The second step will be to remove the dust and dirt. We will vacuum your mattress thoroughly on all sides.


Once there is no visible dirt, we will work on the deeply embedded oils and grime. We use special non-toxic solutions to help break down the dirt components and subsequently, remove them.

Stain removal

After cleansing, we will do a stain removal treatment for your mattress. No matter how stubborn or old a stain is, we will take care of it.

Sanitizing & refreshing

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Hilbert
Same Day Mattress Cleaning Hilbert

The last process of mattress cleaning will include using a safe and biodegradable sanitizer to keep your mattress hygienic. And after that, we will finish the procedure by deodorizing your mattress to make it smell fresh and clean.

Post inspection

Following the above procedures, we will inspect your mattress again to make sure that a your mattress is as good as new.

How to book an appointment?

We have provided our numbers and all the necessary information down below. Just pick up your phone and give us a call.

If you want to book your appointment online, our website contains a link that will help you confirm your booking easily.

At Myhome Mattress Cleaner, you will get 100% reliable services and we will make sure to make your experience with us a happy one! Simply call on 0488 854 224 to avail our expert services now!

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