Is Your Mattress Clean Enough? Get to Know From The Experts in Mattress Cleaning

Rating the cleanliness of the mattress is subjective to the onlooker. Most think their mattress is clean and healthy unless it causes some allergy. In reality, that is not the case, every mattress starts to gather stain, odor and develop microbial growth from the inside when left for 3 months without cleaning. Taking action only after affecting is not the wisest thing. We recommend cleaning your mattress once every six months at least to stay away from diseases and have a peaceful sleep all night.

Our company, My Home Mattress Cleaning is an expert in home furniture and mattress cleaning with good attention to detail employing advance and modern techniques in the process.

Mattress Sanitising Services
Mattress Sanitising Services

How to Keep Track of Your Mattress Cleanliness?

Mattress cleanliness is a vast subject which everyone must know. It is greatly helpful in identifying when do you need a mattress sanitising services.

  • Change all interchangeable garment like a comforter, bed cover, pillow cover that are related to the mattress once in a month if not twice. Doing this will give you a better look on the mattress once in a while which might show you unusual stains or mold growth which otherwise would have been unnoticed.
  • Mark the last Mattress Cleaning date and set a reminder for the upcoming cleaning schedule. If possible, book directly with the mattress cleaning company about your next cleaning dates.
  • Check for the unusual odor in the bedroom. If there is a pungent smell in the air while lying or anywhere else in the room there is a good chance of it originating from your mattress. This might be due to fungal growth on the mattress which needs immediate attention.
  • Turn and toss your bed frequently even if you do not use it the other way. This will allow for closer examination on all sides. The fungus grows more often in areas that are not reached by light.
  • If you have a kid at home increase the frequency of all the tracking as kids might accidentally urinate on the mattress. Same applies for pet cats and dogs.

Things You Might Want to Check to Ensure Sanitation of The Mattress:

Professional Mattress Sanitising Services
Professional Mattress Sanitising Services

Apart from odor and stains, there are more factors to look into to keep sanitization of your mattress in check. Low humidity is a major threat to microbial development within the mattress. So, keep humidity as low as possible for which dehumidifiers should come in handy. Dampness poses a similar threat to the mattress sanity, avoid dropping wet or sweaty clothing or towel over the mattress for long. Sunlight is a natural source of sterilizer that is not favorable for fungus and dust mite growth. Allow as much sunlight into the room and on the mattress for a healthy disinfected environment. Similarly, fresh air flow or purified air flow carries lesser infections bacteria than circulated air in closed environments. If you do not have enough time to pay attention to all these, simply call our mattress sanitising services team for deep inspection of your mattresses and furniture every 3 months and we will help you out.

How Our Mattress Sanitising Services and Techniques are The Best in The Market?

Mattress cleaning is one of the complicated cleaning processes amongst carpets and leather upholsteries. Because it is the only thing that requires more intense internal cleaning along with multiple stain removal techniques. We, My Home Mattress Cleaning of all cleaning companies believe in having the best mattress sanitising services and here is why,

Same Day Mattress Sanitising Services
Same Day Mattress Sanitising Services
  • Our experts are always available for inspection at your doorstep. Not sure whether or not your mattress requires sanitization? call us and we will be there in no time to clear your doubts.
  • We have the most advanced tools and equipment in the industry. We do not bother spending extra on the tools in achieving the additional 0.1% of cleanliness that our competitors neglect to say you. our equipment is maintained in good working condition and capable to do the magic of cleaning within a week’s time.
  • The cleaning solutions we use mostly are self-formulated. We believe in improvising with every step so we keep advancing the formulas based on what works better. We also have different cleansing solutions for particular stains so that it does the job quick, clean and neat without affecting the color of the fabric.
  • We provide an upfront estimate of what the work is gonna be after the thorough inspection. Our staffs are able to identify the required services and do not charge anything more during the final billing. Hidden costs or services that are not requested by the customer is not even taken into consideration by your team of professionals.
  • All our services including mattress sanitising services come with guarantee cleaning promise of giving a fresh and clean mattress right before the stipulated time.

If all of these conditions have not convinced you to hire us for cleaning your mattress, go check for the awards and testimonials by our customers. We are the top mattress and upholstery cleaning company for years. We aim at being the best by improvising every aspect to the core. We have gained a lot of happy customer with every cleaning service we offer. Call us at 0488 854 224 and book any of our cleaning services and get a free inspection and site visit.