How much does it Cost to Dry Clean a Mattress?

You don’t have to worry about the price of Mattress cleaning. We have been implementing the Best Mattress Cleaning Services to all our clients for many years at a surprisingly affordable price. Moreover, we never charge for any secret amount.

Amazing Services for Mattress Stain Removal

I hired My Home Mattress Cleaner team at the suggestion of my close friend. My mattress was drenched in urine stains all over. There were also a few blood stains on the mattress. But these guys did wonders on my mattress. They cleaned and sanitised every inch of my mattress. I am very happy with the way they carried out the entire procedure and brought the desired results. I could not find a single trace of stain or dust on my carpets. I am very thankful to my friend for recommending them and the efficient team bring the best results out of my filthy mattress.

The Best Mattress Cleaning Company in Melbourne

My Home Mattress Cleaner is one of the best mattress cleaning company in Melbourne and I am saying this out of personal experience. I got a chance to use their services twice in the last one year and was satisfied both the times. The mattresses were cleaned thoroughly, ensuring complete dust-mite removal, and mattress sanitizing. I loved the smell and feel of the mattress after the cleaning was done. If you are planning to get your mattresses cleaned, get in touch with My Home Mattress Cleaner Melbourne.

Grace Abela

Mattress Stain Removal

I have two daughters and a son and my mattresses know how difficult it is to manage three kids. My mattresses and carpets suffer the most. But I can’t stop my kids to play and have fun just because my stuff would get spoiled! So I have chosen My Home Mattress Cleaner to take good care of my mattresses. I call them once in every season and get my mattresses thoroughly cleaned and get all stains removed. So that my kids can live their life and my mattresses too can have an extended life.

Linda Bekkers

Perfect Mattress Cleaning

Hi, I am writing this email to say a big thank you to the entire team of My Home Mattress Cleaner Melbourne. We had you over at our place last week and all my family members were extremely happy to have you at home. The guys were highly polite and extremely friendly. We were chit chatting with them while they worked on making our bedding cleaner and healthier. And they didn’t get bothered at all. My father, especially, is very happy with the kind of service you provided and on his suggestion only I am writing this email. I would like to recommend your services to anyone in Melbourne who wishes to switch over to healthier bedding. Thanks again.

Dimitris Seidis

Goodbye to Breathing Problems with Cleaner Mattresses

Before I got my mattress cleaned by My Home Mattress Cleaner Melbourne, I was suffering from breathing problems. Even my wife used to sneeze every single day. After these cleaners visited my home, it has become cleaner. My mattresses are clean and we have a good night’s sleep. Thanks!

- Richard Doyle

I Recommend My Home Mattress Cleaner

Your service was so impressive that I have to recommend your company to my friends. You did a great good job and I am absolutely satisfied and extremely happy with the experience.

Kudos Liam

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