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Treatment of Memory Foam Mattress

Every homemaker is a little skeptical about their home cleaning aspects. They do many efforts to clean the home furniture, carpet, curtain, and Mattresses. To maintain better home hygiene it is very much required for eliminating the dirt and debris from the mattress. Accumulation of dust and debris can spoil the mattress and make it the core source of all infection, bacteria, and germs. Do not allow the germs to get into your home to spoil your hygiene home environment. Do not hesitate to take the help of a Professional Mattress Cleaners service to make it clean from inside. Thus you can get rid of the stinky smell and all old stubborn stains from the mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Services
Mattress Cleaning Services

How Do You Clean Pee Out of a Memory Foam Mattress?

Many homes have a pet with them. These pets spoil our furniture, carpet, and mattresses. Dogs pee and vomit on the mattress which causes bacteria and can spread many diseases. Follow the below technique to clean pee out of a memory foam mattress.

The Cleaning Process:

To start with the pee cleaning process from a memory foam mattress:

  • Step – 1 : Make a solution of distilled white vinegar and water in equal parts.
  • Step – 2 : Now pour the solution on a spray bottle for easy use
  • Step – 3 : gently spray the solution over the stain on the mattress
  • Step – 4 : allow the solution to sit on the surface of the foam mattress for at least 10 minutes
  • Step – 5 : gently rub and blot the solution with a clean, dry towel.
  • Step – 6 : Repeat the process more few more times of the stain and smell still remains.

The mattress cleaning services are not the same for all the mattresses. So at first, you need to identify what type of mattress you have and what is your requirement regarding that. For example, you may have a foam mattress. If so then you should take a special foam mattress cleaning service for your mattress cleaning requirement. Then you should identify which service you need for your mattress cleaning task. You may opt for stain removal service, Mattress Steam Cleaning Service or mattress dry cleaning service depending on your mattress quality.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Services
Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

Hire Professional Assistance of Mattress Cleaning

Always go with a good reputed mattress cleaning service providers having license and insurance. Check the customer review before selecting the Best Mattress Cleaning Service in Melbourne Company for you. We recommend not doing the mattress cleaning task on your own. Your manual effort can put yours in dangerous consequences. Without knowing about the use and doses of chemical it is not advisable to attempt a Mattress home cleaning.

Hence proper care can be taken through hiring a good foam mattress cleaning service. Book the service to ensure the safeguard of your property.  Call us today. We My Home Mattress Cleaner are the right person to identify your mattress requirement and deal with it accordingly. Always remember a clean and healthy home environment can give you a safe and hygienic life. Now we are open on Sundays and holidays for your convenience.